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Your Local Tampa, Florida Residential & Commercial Water Leak Detection Experts

Water leaks can happen at any time of the day or night. Restore Rabbit understands how stressful the unknown can be – especially when it comes to water problems. While water is vital to life, it can cause tremendous damage when it is in places it shouldn’t be. Mold can begin to grow in just 24 hours and is disastrous to your health. A slow leak in your wall, or underground, can cause major issues. Our trained technicians use advanced electronic leak detection equipment to locate the exact placement of the water leak.

The Most Trusted Water Leak Detection Company Near You

Restore Rabbit has 24/7 emergency response teams throughout the Tampa Bay area, ready to act right away when you need water leak detection. We specialize in underground leak detection, infrared leak detection, water damage cleanup, mitigation, and restoration. Contact us today.

Restore Rabbit is your local Tampa and Central Florida community experts when its comes to leak detection, water damage, flood damage, and fire damage restoration. We have over a decade of experience and hold ourselves to the highest industry standards. Remember to trust the pros who are certified in disaster cleaning and restoration. We are independently owned and operated locally right here in Tampa, Florida and ready for immediate response. Restore Rabbit is available 24/7 to send a specialist to your home or business. We want to help get your issue resolved right away so you can return to life as normal.

Serving: Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete, & All of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, Seminole, Orange, & Lake County

Emergency Leak Detection

We’re here to help for any home or business water emergency throughout Tampa and Central Florida. Our services include: leaking appliances, leaking and busted pipes, slab leaks & underground pipe leaks, storm and flood water damage, mold remediation, and complete restoration. Restore Rabbit offers 24/7 emergency and non-emergency service. We love working in our hometown community of Tampa, Florida and find solace in restoring peoples lives back to normal. Water Leaks can truly disrupt your family and life, trust the pros at Restore Rabbit!

Signs Of A Water Leak or Slab Leak

Have a high water bill?
High utility bills are a common first sign that a water leak may exist and you need to call a leak detection specialist.

Have you suddenly lost pressure in a shower?  Running out of hot water faster than normal?
These are signs of underground water leaks, or a water heater that is ready to go out. Standing water inside or in the yard can also be a sign of a water leak.

If you simply suspect a leak, turn of anything that could use running water in your home / business, then locate the water meter outside. It is normally a small triangle flow meter that spins when water is flowing. If your meter is “spinning”, then this is an indication of a water leak and more than likely this can mean a slab leak or an underground water leak. Next, look for water around your home, inside and out. Listen for the sound of running water. A hiss sound can indicate a water supply line break. A flowing or rolling sound can indicate a broken waste line. If you can not find the source of leak, Restore Rabbit leak detection can come to the rescue.

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