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Water Leak Detection Tampa FL

Have a high water bill? High utilities bills are a common first sign that a larger problem may exist and you need a leak detection specialist. Restore Rabbit understands how stressful the unknown can be – especially when it comes to water problems. Water is vital to life but it can cause tremendous damage when it is in places it shouldn’t be. We are your local Florida leak Locators and leak detection Tampa specialists.

Water Leak Detection Services

Home water leak detection services require high quality, state of the art leak detection equipment. Even the best equipment needs quality operators. At Restore Rabbit we have highly trained florida leak detection specialists with years of experience.

The Leak Doctor

Restore Rabbit is locally located right here in Tampa Fl. We are locally owned and operated and service all of Central Florida. Give Restore Rabbit a call for all your water leak detection and repair needs. Water damage restoration is our specialty. We will leave you with a dry, safe home and peace of mind that the work was done right.

Leak Finders

A leak in your home or business can be very disruptive to your life.  We use state of the art equipment and leak detectors. Even if you notice water on the floor or coming down the wall, you may not know where its coming from. It’s very expensive to start removing walls and floors. Restore Rabbit can pinpoint the location of a leak with years of experience and electronic leak detectors. Our highly trained professionals use infrared cameras, electronic and acoustic listening equipment to find a water leak in Lakeland Florida.

Florida Leak Detectors

Slab Leaks are leaks from water lines or waste lines under your home. They can cause your utility bill to rise and you may not even notice it. If your utility meter is spinning at the street when all appliances are off, You need to have a trained leak detector find the leak for you. We will pinpoint the location to minimize the amount of area cut open in your home to repair a water leak.

Home Leak Detection Services

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