Water Line Leak Detection

Have a high water bill? High utilities bills are a common first sign that a water leak may exist and you need a leak detection specialist. Restore Rabbit understands how stressful the unknown can be – especially when it comes to water problems. Water is vital to life but it can cause tremendous damage when it is in places it shouldn’t be.  Mold can start to grow in just 24 hours. Even a slow leak underground can cause foundation issues with your home or business. We are your local Tampa Fl leak detection specialists.

Water Main Leak Detection

A leak in your home or business can be very disruptive to your life.  We use state of the art equipment and leak detectors. Even if you notice water on the floor or coming down the wall, you may not know where its coming from. It’s very expensive to start removing walls and floors. Restore Rabbit can pinpoint the location of a leak with years of experience and electronic leak detectors. Our highly trained professionals use infrared cameras, electronic and acoustic listening equipment to find your water leak in Tampa Florida.

Water Leak Detection Services

  1. Troubleshoot the symptoms. Our tech will discuss how you learned you might have a problem. Are there water line signs on the wall? Water dripping from a fixture? Simply a high water bill? This will involve our experienced tech isolating the water supply to the home.
  2. Conduct a thorough walk-through of the property. Here the tech will be using their trained eye to see signs of water damage that an average homeowner may not notice.
  3. Use thermal tools to visually find a problem water line. Often times this is all that is needed if the water problem is on the inside of the home.
  4. If thermal tools cannot locate the source of the problem we will use audible leak detection services. This involves our tech using highly sensitive listening equipment that can hear the water exiting the pipe. You can see in the photo an example of a tech listening for a leak on an interior wall of a home.
  5. We will pinpoint the location of the problem on the interior or exterior of the home.
  6. Once we have found the problem we will discuss options with the homeowner to resolve it. If this is on the interior of the home it almost always involves opening drywall.
  7. We have local plumbing partners that perform any pipe repair that is needed. We only partner with plumbers that have proven to provide only the best quality services.
  8. If the problem is on the interior of the home we will isolate the water supply and begin the dryout process immediately.
  9. Immediately beginning the dryout process is critical to preventing mold growth and further damage to your home and valuables.

Water Pipe Leak Detection

If there is rushing water or visible water, Turn off water supply right away and call a professional emergency service, Such as Restore Rabbit. But, there are steps you can take at your home or business first, before you call a plumbing service. If you suspect a leak, Turn of anything that could use running water in your home. Locate the water meter outside of your home. If you meter is “spinning”, which is normally a small triangle flow meter that spins when water is flowing. Then this is an indication of a water leak. More than likely this can mean a slab leak or an underground water leak.

Water Leak Detection Equipment

Leak Detection

Restore Rabbit has highly trained water leak detector specialists who use state of the art equipment to pinpoint a leak without causing any damage to your home or business. Our technicians have personally found hundreds of leaks and have over a decade of experience. Our equipment and company standards are the very best in leak detection and repair services. Every water leak technician has thermal imaging cameras, Electronic leak detectors and commercial grade acoustic water leak detectors.

Acoustic Water Leak Detection

Acoustic listening devices are used to pinpoint a water leak. There are different listening devices based on the location of your home where the leak is presumed to be. The correct tools along with the correct techniques must be used together to accurately locate a water leak. The acoustic microphones are designed to amplify the sound of water leaking from a pressurized pipe. These water leak detectors are used to find the exact location of a leak to reduce the amount of wall or floor cut away to make the repair to the leaking water pipe.

Water Leak Detection Company

We specialize in emergency water leak detection services. Water leaks can happen at any time of the day or night. We are locally owned and operated right here in Tampa Florida and are ready for immediate response in our community. Restore Rabbit is available 24/7 to send a specialist to your home or business. We want to help get your issue resolved right away so you can return to life as normal.

Home Water Leak Detection

On top of providing water leak detection 24/7. Restore Rabbit is also local experts in water removal and water clean up. Water damage restoration services from busted water pipes is very important after a water leak is located and repaired. Sitting water can cause mold to form in your home in less than 24 hours. All water must be found and removed by professionals to ensure no more water damage to your home later down the road. Many times these services are covered under homeowners insurance and we will help relieve the stress by working directly with the insurance companies.

Water Leak Detection System

Have you suddenly lost pressure in a shower that was higher before? Are you running out of hot water much faster than normal? These are also signs of underground water leaks.  You may not be able to determine exactly where a leak is but you can narrow it down before a professional arrives. Look for water around your home, inside and out. Listen for the sound of running water. A hiss sound can indicate a water supply line break. I flowing or rolling sound can indicate a busted waste line.

Infrared Camera Water Leak Detection

leak detection

Infrared Cameras help to see the extent of the water damage behind walls or in ceilings. Normally the back side of walls in adjoining rooms are affected just as much as the room the water leak happened in. Infrared cameras can give peace of mind to homeowners that all water was found without using any destructive techniques. Infrared camera water leak detection services are available 24/7 with Restore Rabbit and these cameras are a part of our standard load out for every work van.

Water Dye for Leak Detection

When the water meter is spinning outside and all appliances and faucets are shut off in the home, This is a strong indication of a slab leak or underground water leak. But there are a couple other items in your home or office that it could be. This is where the water dye test comes handy. Simply place a couple drops of colored dye in the top tank of your toilet. If you see dye transfer to the bowl then you have a simple to fix leak with the internals of your toilet. When the top tank losses water, It causes the tank to constantly fill up and sometimes you can not hear the issue happening.